The most shocking celebrity breakups

The most shocking celebrity breakups

Dec 30, 2017, 05:38 PM


Celebrity break-ups are rarely easy, especially when there were no signs of turmoil during the relationships. More often than not, we are left with unanswered questions about what could have happened to our favourite celebrity relationships, from secret splits, public custody battles and fights over money, these are the most shocking 2017 break-ups.

Unathi & Thomas Msengana


A few months ago, Unathi & Thomas shocked fans by announcing that they were ending their marriage after a decade.

Melanie & Zwai

Zwai case

We were surprised when these two announced their split, according to several sources, the pair split because of Zwai's several infidelities throughout their marriage.

Mandla N & Tumi Masemola

Mandla N.and wife Tumi Masemola

This is without a doubt one of the messiest splits that happened this year, according to several reports, Mandla accused his estranged wife of allegedly stealing some of their money from their joint account. 

Hulisani & Psyfo


We are still trying to recover from the heartache after these two broke our hearts when they went their separate ways.

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