Ms Cosmo's brand just keeps growing

Nothing can stop Ms Cosmo as her brand continues to grow.

By  | Nov 24, 2017, 01:25 AM

Ms Cosmo's brand just keeps growing.

Ms Cosmo’s career is constantly evolving. Now heralded as arguably hip-hop's foremost female DJ, she's made a point of not only fortifying her position but also delving into a host of other roles.

Ever since her latest transition into music production, Nonqaba Nozuko Rwaxa's star has been on the rise. Her first foray in this space came earlier in the year with the release of her debut single, Connect, featuring Nasty C, Rouge and Kwesta, that single alone was enough to get the Dj the kind of recognition she needs.Under the guidance of DJ ZanD, Ms Cosmo sharpened her skills on vinyl at the Fuse Academy, a DJing school co-founded by DJ Zinhle.

In an interview with IOL, the Dj explains why transitioning into music has been one of the best decisions she has made in her career.

“That was really good from a traction perspective because people are now looking at me from a different light. Initially I was just a hip-hop DJ, then I became a radio presenter and now I'm also getting into the music production space which has been one of the best decisions I have made in my career thus far. I'm basically just slowly but surely trying to grow the brand within the right direction.” she said.

Ms Cosmo's brand just keeps growing.

Recently, Ms Cosmo shifted from drive-time radio to an early morning slot on 5FM. The multi talented music lover  says that she actually prefers the morning show because it opens her schedule up a little and that way she has a little more time to giver her other jobs the right amount of attention. Her traffic show however did see her winning the award for best traffic presenter at the Liberty Radio Awards in August this year.

Before her days on deck, Ms Cosmo worked in a bank where she became accustomed to transition. Moving from one job to another has never been a problem for her and she doesn't fear change. Getting into the radio space allowed her to display her knowledge of the hip-hop culture. This allowed people to start respecting her and her knowledge of music.

Ms Cosmo's brand just keeps growing.

Beyond music, Ms Cosmo’s brand is also attracting ambassadorships with major brands. The latest of these is her role with Heineken, which came after they'd jumped on as a sponsor for her annual event called Fun House. With that sponsorship, they realised she was a soccer fan and subsequently brought her on board as an ambassador for their Champion The Match initiative, which saw them host curated, lifestyle-focused viewings of this season's Champions League.

Ms Cosmo's brand just keeps growing.

Although she's not a die-hard soccer fan, Ms Cosmo does appreciate the game and often watches her favorite teams Barcelona and Arsenal whenever she gets the chance to. All of what she's involved in seems to be playing a major role in the brand she is building and doing what she loves. That alone is the single most impressive thing about Ms Cosmo’s constantly evolving career.

Image credit: Instagram/@mscosmodj