Multichoice Mutes Steve Hofmeyr

Multichoice Mutes Steve Hofmeyr

May 02, 2019, 07:40 AM

In a television interview, American hip hop legend and entrepreneur, Jayz once mentioned that, whatever deeds one performs on earth, they are bound to catch up on them... at some point.

...And boy was he correct. Taking wisdom from Jayz's sentiments, one could easily agree just how much Afrikaner music icon, Steve Hofmeyr has previously gotten away with. His racist slurs have often left a bitter taste on most people's mouths, which have now included the mouths of the powers that be at Multichoice.

The Multichoice group has today announced that going forward, the audience will no longer view any content regarding the much controversial Steve Hofmeyr on their various platforms, as his controversial views do not mash with those of Multichoice.

A music video, Die Land which featured Steve Hofmeyr had been nominated at the Ghoema Awards, when the Multichoice executives made the decision to withdraw the video, which featured other acts including, Bok Van Blerk, Jay, Ruhan du Toit and Bobby Van Jaarsveld.

According to My Broadband, Multichoice Group Executive Cooperate Affairs,  Joe Heshu said the following: "We welcome a society where freedom of
speech is celebrated, however we take a stand against racism,

This move from Multichoice did not sit well with Steve and a partial part of the Afrikaans community in the entertainment industry, however the executives at Multichoice have shifted gears by "muting" Steve Hofmeyr from their future platforms all together.

According to the publication, Steve has voiced out his views on the matter,  he was quoted as saying:“White people, their language, and their cultural heritage have become playthings for
the fascists."

This should serve as a lesson to other celebrities and the general public alike,  to reconsider their actions before deciding on doing a particular deed.

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Main Image Credit: Facebook/SteveHofmeyr
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Lungile Ntuli

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