Naima Mclean: A ZAlebrity to Look Out For!

By  | Jul 15, 2013, 11:46 AM

ZAlebs spoke to singer and actress, Naima Mclean about her latest song with AKA as well as the mind blowing experience that was acting with Paul Walker. 

On how she balances being a singer, actress and poetic writer:

“Balancing all three isn’t much of a hassle, they all work quite well together actually, because I’ve always included music as part of my poetry whether it be delivery or performance style, so weaving poetry and music together isn’t much of a big challenge to me.  I believe that being a live performer whether it is poetry or music you always need to add some level of acting in your live performances so the acting part always comes naturally to me.  I’ve never found the three to not work together, they gel beautifully.”


On Acting With "Mr Fast and the Furious" on the movie Vehicle 19

Working with Paul Walker was absolutely awesome, it was an amazing experience and when you’re dealing with an actor of that calibre who has worked with other A-list actors you’d expect him to be arrogant but Paul came with this great level of energy in terms of performance style which really challenged me to up my game.  I also had the opportunity to learn th ins and outs of an action based film from the stunts to the production side and that was just really exciting for me and obviously Paul is just one gorgeous man there’s no need to be shy about that, Paul is very hot and a wonderful gentleman to work with.

Her acting experiences don't end there. You might have seen Naima on your TV screens on the British series,  Wild at Heart” 

I feel that it’s a great honor for international productions to come to South Africa and expose local actor international platforms it’s also a good look for the South African film industry.  Getting that gig for me was a great blessing as I consider myself to be very lucky to be part of such a production that opened up new avenues for me How I got the job was fairly easy I went for the auditions and I got the job and I consider myself to be very lucky to be part of such productions as it opend up new avenues for me.

“AKA is a cool guy that brought a lot of fun in the studio”

When writing the song “hero” I knew I wanted a rapper to feature on it, and I just love AKA as an artist and as a person.  I think he’s very talented and as a poet I look for lyrical sophistication that I think he really has.  So I thought that I really needed to find AKA I didn’t know how but I knew that he had to be on my track, I eventually got a hold of him, sent through my song his team liked it, he also liked it and a couple of days later we were in the studio and what I appreciate about him is that he really zoned into what I wanted to do with the song.  It really was a seamless, organic collaboration AKA is a cool guy that brought a lot of fun in the studio.

Naima released her video to the single "Hero" do you think she's one ZAlebrity to look out for in the future ?


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