Nasty C on the thrills and challenges of his Ivyson Tour

Nasty C on the thrills and challenges of his Ivyson Tour

Dec 23, 2017, 09:28 PM

Nasty C

As he embarks on one of the most notable hip hop tours in the country, Nasty C lets us in on his future plans for the show and more.

ZAlebs caught up with the 20-year-old rapper to hear more about his experience on the Ivyson Tour thus far.

You once mentioned during an interview with Slikour that you funded the tour by yourself since then have you had any luck with getting sponsors to help you?

I have been very fortunate; I’ve managed to secure a sponsorship deal with one of the countries leading network company MTN. After being part of the Cape-town activations. My record label, Mabala Noise approached them for a sponsorship deal and they gladly accepted. With their support, we’ve been able to pull off a successful show.

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My first time EVER.. it was beautiful

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Your merchandise is selling off the racks, when the Ivyson Tour is complete will you still continue selling the merchandise and are there plans of collaborating with a retail store like Sports Scene to further sell your merch?

I am currently collaborating with Sport scene, we’ve released a winter range and early next year the summer collection will be dropped. The Nasty C X Redbat collaboration is selling very well in stores and the next drop will be available in more stores.

GET YOURS @ SPORTSCENE- #IvysonTourDBN - December 8th

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In your opinion, what has been the most challenging part of executing a tour of such magnitude.

Due to the fact that my target market is mainly made up of school kids, selecting a date and venue is very challenging, as I need to consider exams, school holidays and venue. Also finding sponsors is incredibly difficult as the event is strictly non-alcoholic and all ages, it limits the types of sponsorships I can obtain. But because I am guaranteed support from my fans, it’s all worthwhile. The show is for them, it’s my way of  thanking them for all the support they have shown me.

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When you win, you give #TheIvysonTour 💎

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We've seen you host the tour in Cape Town and DBN, when will the tour come to JHB and which small towns across the country are you looking to performing at?

The show will definitely be coming to JHB, what I can say now is that it is going to be huge. I am looking into reaching every corner of SA and even the rest of Africa.

You're constantly followed by cameras everywhere you go, are you planning on working on an Ivyson Tour Documentary?

I’m not planning on doing one yet but it’s something I’ve definitely thought about and would love to do.

We really enjoy your one-man Instagram Cyphers, are you planning on doing more of those in the future?

 Most definitely

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