Natasha Thahane opens up about the lessons of love

The actress has learnt a lot 

By  | Jul 20, 2018, 11:10 AM

Interview: Skeem Saam's Natasha Thahane

Actress Natasha Thahane is not only one of Mzanzi's most talented actresses, but one of the sexiest too. After moving to the big apple, the starlet found love and she is now opening up about the lessons it has taught her.

Speaking to Masechaba in a recent interview on Metro FM, Natasha opened up about coming to terms with her past relationship experiences in order to fall in love again: “For me personally, what I’ve learnt when it comes to love and being in a relationship and being in love is, you need to take care of yourself, because we always want to blame other people for being toxic, I’ve realized that not all men are toxic, sometimes you are the problem and I realized that when I moved from home going to another continent and I realized that I actually still hurt...I don’t want to be cruel to kind people…”

“So I had to be like: “Natasha, focus on yourself and love yourself, it’s ok to sleep with no podcasts or music, it’s ok to sleep to your own thoughts.”. And that has been the hardest thing, having to say that you are the problem.”  

Natasha Thahane

Like any other girl who is in love, Natasha shared posts of her bae on social media, but she says she regrets showing him off and thinks she revealed him to her 1.5 million followers too early in the relationship.

“ I think with this relationship, I exposed it too soon because everyone was pairing me with every guy that I chill with...and I felt the need to be like: “No, this is my bae” and I exposed something that’s so sacred and so special and I gave it to the world and to people who do not deserve to know that part of your life because they don’t care”

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