#OPW: Kayise receives a warm welcome from viewers

#OPW: Kayise receives a warm welcome from viewers

Jan 22, 2018, 06:20 PM


The people's choice - Kayise Ngqula won the Our Perfect Wedding Presenter's Search last year and Sunday night marked her debut as OPW's new presenter.

Now it's no secret that the job of an OPW presenter is a difficult one, from the hectic schedules to the all-around criticism you receive from viewers, the job comes with a lot but Kayise handled her business pretty well during her OPW debut on Sunday.

From the get-go, viewers wished her nothing but success on this new journey she's embarked on.

Even OPW guest presenter - Lerato ZahΒ wished Kayise nothing but the best. It's always great to see women supporting each other in this industry.

And the positive feedback just came rolling in.

And of course, we know some viewers will never be fully impressed with whoever presents OPW unless it's Thembisa orΒ Brenda Ngxoli


. But can we please let other kids shine?

Hands raised up high!

Congratulations to Kayise for job well-done.

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Main Image Credit: Twitter/@KayisNgqula

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Zee Dladla

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