#OPW raises questions about men who cheat

Social media speaks out on women who settle for cheating men.

By  | Nov 13, 2017, 04:25 AM

opw reported to bccsa

This past Sunday we got introduced to the lovely couple that is Lindiwe Shabangu and Nceba Ndwendwe. The couple, who are originally from Soweto got married in a beautiful matrimony. However, not everything was all rosy for the Ndwendwe couple.

Lindiwe was pursued by Nceba after she was sent to the shops, Nceba who was sleeping in his taxi when he suddenly had the urge to wake up, and what he saw was his future wife Lindiwe. Nceba pursued Lindiwe immediately and even walked her home. 

Although Lindiwe was flattered by Nceba's pursuit of her, she then came to the realization that he was a taxi driver and was skeptical of dating him as she's known taxi men to be serial cheaters and boy was she right.


Lindiwe shared how Nceba cheated on her several times whilst they were dating, she mentioned that Nceba's cheating ways became worse when she gave birth to their first child which deeply hurt her. What made matters worse is that Nceba's side-chicks would call Lindiwe and disrespect her by mentioning that even though Nceba was marrying her, he was still theirs as well.

We were quite shocked when Lindiwe also shared how Ncebe never told Lindiwe he had 4 children from previous relationships and impregnated another woman whilst they were still in a relationship.

The cheating did not settle well with viewers who expressed that women should not settle for cheating men just because they want marriage.

For some women, it was a lesson and a reflection on what to not stand for when it comes to getting married.

For some viewers,  OPW has given them no hope of finding faithful men. 

Whilst other viewers want to instill the notion that marriage is not everything and that it does not guarantee happiness.

What were your thoughts on this episode of OPW?

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