Pearl Modiadie opens up about her failed engagement

Pearl Modiadie breaks her silence on failed engagement to Businessman, Nkululeko Buthelezi 

By  | Mar 04, 2017, 05:34 AM

pearl modiadie breaks her silence

The gorgeous media personality shared all the details of her split in a in-depth interview with Drum magazine 

pearl modiadie breaks her silence

The TV presenter was engaged to businessman, Nkululeko Buthelezi who proposed to her on a lavish trip in Zambia back in 2015.

The pair seemed really happy together, they let us into their relationship with love filled posts on social media & we did not expect them to call off their engagement because everything looked great from our perspective. 

Fans started being suspicious when Pearl stopped wearing her sparkly engagement ring. It was odd seeing her without her ring because she was always seen wearing it.

pearl modiadie breaks her silence

Pearl confirmed the split on her Metro FM show but this is the first time she went into all the details.

Speaking to Drum, she said, “It was hard, but I learnt that no matter how tough things get, you must allow yourself to feel everything you’re feeling when you’re at home.”

She then went on to say, “Learning to separate situations helped me, I dealt with  work when I needed to, and I dealt with my emotions at home. Its all been a process. It is about allowing yourself to accept the situation for what it is and learning whatever you can from it.’


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