Prince Kaybee's penis tweet got fans shook

Prince Kaybe's fans were never ready for his rather awkward tweet.

By  | Nov 23, 2017, 03:00 PM

Prince Kaybee

The DJ is known for his great music and with his current album titled  - I Am Music causing havoc on every dance floor in Mzansi, it is no suprise that Prince Kaybe is your favourite DJ's favourite DJ.

Prince Kaybee is also admired a lot by the ladies, he is a good looking man after-all and is known to purely focus on his music and stay away from the drama that comes with working in entertainment.

Prince Kaybee

However, the award-winning DJ got his followers confused when he posted this particular tweet that involved his manhood and his mother.

Prince Kaybee

In a loose translation, Prince Kaybee basically tweeted that his mom asked to see his penis and when he showed her she said its so dark he is burning it. Hence the mention of a vagina being an oven. 

Him spelling the word 'cum' instead of 'come' didn't help the situation either.


Tweeps were so shook by the tweet that some of them asked for Durbanites to fix Prince Kaybee.

We agree with this Twitter user, maybe Prince Kaybee forgot to add 'Back in the day' in his tweet.

Whilst others just ran with the tweet and had a whole lot of fun with it.

We knew Emtee was going to get pulled into this.

Whilst some ladies got a bit freaky in these Twitter streets.

Prince Kaybe

They really want to see his "burnt" package.

Prince Kaybee

Honestly, we think Prince Kaybee was just having a bit of fun with his Twitter followers. We personally found this to be a bit awkward yet hilarious at the same time.

Your thoughts?

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@PrinceKaybee_SA