Toya Is In Mourning

Toya Is In Mourning

Mar 28, 2019, 07:30 AM

The royal house is mourning the death of its precious Princess, Thandekile Irene MaMzila Buthelezi. It was reported that she died on Monday after a long and serious illness. Princess MaMzila was married to political leader, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi. The pair had been married for an impressive 67 years. She died peacefully at her home in KwaPhindungene, Kwa Zulu Natal.

The Inkatha Freedom Party(IFP) Secretary General, Velenkosini Hlabisa the this official statement whereby it describes the wonderful woman the Princess was in her waking life:

''Princess Irene was instrumental in leading the IFP’s women-driven economic programme of self-help and self-reliance, which encouraged women to participate meaningfully in sustainable agriculture and other economic empowerment initiatives.''

The Princess isn't mourned only in the political and general public circles. It appears, that her influence had also pierced through the homefront as well. Attesting to this is one of South Africa's award winning musician, Nontokozo Latoya Buthelezi, commonly known as Toya Delazy in these streets. The Pump It On hitmaker took to her social media pages and penned quite a lengthy and heartfelt message, whereby she described the pain and confusion that she find herself in as she is stuck between paying tribute to her with two live performances in London or simply come back to South Africa.

Part of the caption read:''You raised me and taught me everything I know.. would you want me to go on and push forward or let it go? I am comforted by the fact that when you could feel it, I gave you my time. I can't change things now but I can honour your spirit and stand tall in the world, and not give up because it's over but press on because it happened.''

Death is not a new experience for our beloved pop star. Toya was raised by a single mother, who later died in a tragic car accident when she was still in high school. It was much later in life that the dark cloud of death hovered upon Latoya once more as she lost her father in the year 2017.

Music and writing has always served Toya as some kind of therapy, hence she found it hard to accept the death of her father until she actually put it down in words and shared her pain and sorrow with her legions of fans on Twitter. She tweeted the following.

Her comments section on Instagram was buzzing with words of condolences in regards to the passing of her grandmother, Princess Irene Buthelezi.
Below are just some of the comforting comments.

dawnthandeka_king: My Deepest and most sincere condolences to you and your family.

nelisiweg: Our warmest condolences to such a remarkable woman.

kyasibisi: I am so sorry for your loss Sis’, my deepest and heartfelt condolences to you especially and to the rest of your family ♥️

In the words of Shaka Sisulu:''Whenever we lose a family member, we find solace in gaining an ancestor.''.

May the Buthelezi and Mzila clan find comfort in Princess Irene's well lived life. We send our deepest and sincerest condolences.

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Main Image Credit:Instagram/toyadelazy
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Lungile Ntuli

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