#RoastZA left us wondering if this tea is true

#RoastZA left us wondering if this tea is true

May 08, 2018, 03:47 PM

#RoastZA left us wondering if this tea is true

The ZAlebs team had the pleasure of witnessing the Comedy Central Roast of Somizi but watching it all over again last night reminded us just how hilarious it was and still is. 

The premise of the show is that 8 people come together to honor a living legend by dragging them. In addition to dragging the honored guest of the night, they drag each other and our shady South African celebs dug deep looking for each other's skeletons. 

With that said, we were left wondering if these things are true: 

1. Does DJ Fresh really have an open relationship? 

Somizi took to the podium to get back at everyone who had been roasting him all night and while he was up there, he mentioned that his Metro FM colleague, DJ Fresh was in an open relationship, before adding "open relationship yamasimba, uyisfebe."

We cannot find any record of Fresh confirming this to the public but considering the fact that the panel also spent the night roasting him about the fact that he said he has sex once a day to ward off prostate cancer... It ALSO leaves us wondering what he does when his wife, Thabiso Sikwane is just not in the mood...

While we're on the subject of DJ Fresh...

2. Does he really have a secret love child? 

Tsholo Mosaka

A few years ago, a rumor that DJ Fresh fathered a love child with his former manager, Tsholo Mosaka, was doing the rounds and Somizi used that fact in roasting his colleague. 

Fresh hit back at claims back in 2015, having released a statement saying "I do not have a child with her and must add I was not given fair opportunity to reply to any of the allegations either. The article correctly states that I was in Botswana - but no attempt was made to contact me at my hotel and no attempt was made to obtain contact details for me in Botswana from my wife, my manager or anybody else. There was no attempt to contact me through social media."  

This was in response to a Sunday Sun article that initially made the claims. DJ Fresh and Mosaka both took the publication to the Press Ombudsman following the saga. As part of their case, the pair requested a full-front-page apology from the newspaper and that the article is removed from the Daily Sun website.

The article currently exists on the site as there were s no findings in the case as investigated by the Ombudsman

3. Does Nomzamo Mbatha's family still have the lobola Khaya Mthetwa allegedly paid for her?

Everyone has beeeeen talking about the underlying tension between Nomzamo Mbatha and Ntiski Mazwai on the night, citing the fact that they genuinely dislike each other and based on the looks on Nomazmo's face and the content of Ntsiki's roast, this is highly plausible. 

While most opted to roast Nomzamo about her toes and her supposedly gay boyfriend, Ntsiki went straight for the jugular by asking Mbatha when she would pay the Mthethwa family back their lobola, to which Mbatha replied:"bazo ilanda la e'Paris la ekhona" (they will go get it from Paris where it is). 


4. Did Skhumba really slide into Ntsiki Mazwai's DM's?

During her roast, Mazwai asked Skhumba if he's still sliding into people's DM's because that's how they met. 

If this really was the case, that would explain why the comedian was able to paint such a vivid picture of what her pubic situation was... 

Main image credit: zululandobserver.co.za

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Kay Tatyana Selisho

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