SA wastes no time in roasting Itumeleng Khune's allergy reaction

Itumeleng Khune gave us a lot to laugh about on Monday evening.

By  | Nov 21, 2017, 12:26 PM


The soccer star, who clearly doesn't take himself too seriously (which we appreciate) became the laughing stock of the nation after he posted this hilarious picture of himself. After experiencing an allergic reaction after eating shellfish.


It looks like Itu has had the misfortune of reacting to shellfish before and we guess he thought he wouldn't react to the allergy again but boy was he wrong.

South Africa wasted no time in making a meme out of this picture and from there on it was all downhill for Itu.

Lmaaao tag your Venda friend 😊😂😂😂 @tsekebash777

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Shame, just a few weeks ago he had to put on a mask after experiencing a facial fracture nd now he's out here playing the Kylie Jenner challenge.

However, shellfish allergies are no laughing matter, according to which specializes in allergy reactions, shellfish is also one of the most dangerous allergic reactions, sending more food-allergic people to hospital emergency rooms than any other allergy reactions.

So in hindsight, things could've seriously gone wrong for Itumeleng.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Itukhune32