Sam Meyiwa begs Cyril Ramaphosa for answers

4 years later and still no answers 

By  | Jul 17, 2018, 04:20 PM

Sam Meyiwa begs Cyril Ramaphosa for answers

During a groundbreaking interview on eNCA in which journalist, Jane Dutton and the rest of the eNCA team got the rare opportunity to interview South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, Sam Meyiwa (father to the late Senzo Meyiwa) went on air to plead with the President for help in finding answers about his son's murder. 

Crossing live from the Meyiwa home in KwaZulu Natal, eNCA's Dasen Thathiah facilitated the interview in which Meyiwa begged the President for answers with regards to his son's murder which happened four years ago.

"My heart is sore. I'm worried. I cry every day..." said Meyiwa.

The President responded, beginning by expressing sympathy for Meyiwa before adding "we feel for you, we are with you, and it's been too long actually... for perpetrators of the heinous crime that was committed against your son to be found and the Minister of Police is focusing on this crime that was committed against your son as well. He is focusing on it because he wants it to be solved as well. And I have said to him 'this crime needs to be followed through, we need to have this crime solved, and there are quite a number of other crimes, high [priority] crimes that are also on his desk and he knows that he needs to work on those..."

He went on to add that he will not be making any promises but asked Meyiwa not to lose hope as the police are working on this crime.  

Watch what he had to say below: 

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