Samela Tyelbooi takes a seat in the director’s chair

Samela Tyelbooi takes a seat in the director’s chair

Dec 05, 2017, 06:11 PM

Salema Tyelboi

Samela Tyelbooi is one of the few actresses in the entertainment industry who nails almost every character she portrays.

The Grahamstown-born actress has an impressive acting career, having appeared in television productions such as Generations, Rhythm City, Intsika, 4 Play: Sex Tips for Girls, Society and It’s Complicated amongst many others.

Samela fell in love with the dramatic arts at a very young age. She got her first role as a supporting actor on Generations in 2006 after only being in Johannesburg for four months. 

Her big break, however, came when she played Lois Gumede in Society and getting nominated for a Golden Horn Award earlier this year for best-supporting actress are two of the biggest highlights of her career. Society aired for three seasons and since its final season, she hasn’t stopped making waves and growing as an actress.

Like many other actresses, Samela has had her fair share of hiccups along the way especially when she was a freelancer. Many actors are freelancers, including Samela at some point, so that made things very difficult because there is no security or consistency when it comes to jobs in this type of industry.

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Not knowing when you’ll get cash again is one of the reasons many actors fall off the grid so easily. What the 36-year-old loves most about her craft is the fact that she is able to get through people’s emotions and having to do things that she wouldn’t do in her own personal life.

With the rapid growth of the industry, it has become easier, storylines have expanded, and have become more exciting plus they've opened opportunities for new and existing talent such as Samela who co-directors Maseko ties.

Samela co-directed the show with Roderick Jaftha formerly known as Glen Majozi from Generations.

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Marietta Zeferino

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