Samkelo Ndlovu opens up about her new born baby girl

The new mommy is absolutely smitten over her baby girl

By  | Feb 20, 2018, 06:17 PM


Samkelo has officially confirmed the arrival of her daughter who was born last week.

The actress took to social media to express how much she is currently enjoying motherhood with the arrival of her new bundle of joy.

She first announced the arrival of her child last week in a tweet.


The announcement was met with a lot of congratulations messages from her followers and fellow entertainers of the industry.

Over the weekend the new mommy has been sharing how much joy her daughter has brought into their lives since her birth.

"I haven't stopped staring at her. Her dad is worse, he holds her even while she's asleep."

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Samkelo even mentioned that her little baby has shown so much character even though she's just a few days old.

"She's only 3 days old and already showing so much personality, go figure."

The actress hasn't yet shared any pictures of her child and has not revealed her baby's name yet. But both mommy and daughter seem to be in good spirits and ready to embark on this new journey together as mommy and daughter.

In the meantime, both ladies are being taken care of by their loving family and are being treated with the utmost of care.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@SamkeloNdlovu/@Austin_Malema