#Scandal!: Is Mlungisi Too Old Fashioned?

#Scandal!: Is Mlungisi Too Old Fashioned?

Mar 22, 2019, 01:01 PM

There was a time in history when it was common and almost conventional for a family structure to have designated roles, such as by virtue of being head of the family, a man would have been the bread winner.

Therefore any member of the family that falls below this family hierarchy naturally takes lead from the man of the house, hence they are looked upon as the provider. A woman's role would be that of a homemaker, which generally implies that, to properly execute this role, it will be required or expected for the woman to be confined within the walls of the family home.

Etv's Scandal!'s is boldly unpacking the intricate and traditional dynamics that unbelievably still exist in modern times, where a traditional Zulu family is concerned. The Writers of the soapie are exploring an interesting storyline which revolves around The Ngema's.

The man of the house, Mlungisi has been holding down the family in various ways especially financially, however the traditional structure of the family might change soon, as the need to enhance Zinzile's professional skills is clearly her pursuit, though she is still working as a Nanny.

The road to attaining the dream that she craves so much is being blocked by her husband, Mlungisi Ngema. But proving that she is not one to be easily deterred, Zinzile has been studying in secret - fearing that her husband might find out.

The current storyline between Zinzile and Mlungisi could be perceived as two dimensional because if Mlungisi is failing to adapt to modern times whereby a woman can juggle a career and being a wife at the homefront, then the viewers could easily interpret his actions as simply abusive, however both versions serve the same purpose.

In her efforts to keep the peace at home, Zinzile had listed the NFH postal address as she would prefer her letters form school to be sent there and not at home. Therefore the trajectory of the Ngema family is about to change hence during last night's episode, Mlungisi was at the NFH building to pick a microwave, when the receptionist handed over another delivery for his wife, Zinzile.

On the envelope, it was evident that it was a delivery from a college that Zinzi's has enrolled at, after the camera zoomed in on the address, of which placed a confused look on Mr Ngema's face.

Tonight's episode might reveal the reaction that Mlungisi displays towards his wife's recent actions, as he might be upset about the fact that his daughter, Lindiwe was in on this whole thing.

Loyal viewers of Scandal! have come to know Mlungisi as a very strict Zulu man, who finds it quite hard to comprehend that the world has since evolved from what he was used to, presumably growing up as a child.

Scandal! Writers have proven to be quite a brave bunch as this storyline will resonate with a lot of people in different families around South Africa, because there are still family men who prefer to be the breadwinners' of the household whilst the wife attend primarily to all things home based.

To some families though, the ancient family order works for them just fine and they find no problems in existing in that kind of a structure, however to those that have been secretly trying to find ways of creating a legacy beyond the constraints of their homes, might want to take notes regarding the new direction that Zinzile and Mlungisi might shift to from here onwards.

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Lungile Ntuli

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