Sechaba Pali: I honestly Didn't Know It Was Wrong!

By  | Jul 01, 2013, 12:42 AM

Sechaba Pali has been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons lately. The gospel singer features on the cover of this month’s Drum Magazine, explaining his less-than-gospel actions in recent times. 
The article sheds even more light on his personal life which is littered with alcoholism, drug abuse and affairs with multiple women. All enough to make a man’s reputation crumble, Sechaba, instead took the time to defend himself. By claiming he didn’t know any better. 
In his interview he states, “When I joined Bula Music, They gave us Alcohol, Cigarettes and even Girls! I honestly didn’t know it was wrong” 
Following rape allegations earlier this year, and the recent embarrasment of chasing robbers out of his home in the nude, this article is the last thing Sechaba Pali needed to add more weight to his new title as the "Bad Boy" of Gospel Music
In an all-exposing feature, Sechaba’s wild lifestyle is put under the microscope, further compounded by the revelations of the affairs he had behind his wife’s back. 
While most men either apologize, or deny the accusations outrightly, Sechaba pleaded innocent by claiming, “I thought cheating was normal” 
I don’t think many will be buying that excuse; if it’s true, it’s a sad reflection on the Gospel’s singers mental state and overall maturity! 


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