Skhumba Responds To Claims That He Is Not Funny

The comedian says there are a lot of things to worry about.

By  | Feb 13, 2020, 11:30 AM

Social media engaged in a lengthy debate on which South African comedian is really funny and which one isn't.

Popular comedian Skhumba was pitted against some well-known comedians in the country including Tol Ass Mo, Lasizwe and Innocent Matijane. Protecting their favourite comedian, Twitter went on to give some well-thought out criticism, with a little bit of trolling.

Skhumba seemed to be a favourite amongst the 3, however he also caught some heat from people who do not think he is funny or relevant.

The TV host and Kaya FM presenter spoke to TshisaLive and said that he knows his target audience of which through them he has secured many accolades over the years.

"I've done five one-man shows which were sold out countrywide. I have two television shows, Tripping with Skhumba, a radio show at Kaya FM, Throwback Thursday and got many awards. I can't control how people think or feel about me. First of all, Twitter is a small group of people, not the entire country, so I can't focus on what they say," he told the publication.

Feeling very confident about his craft, Skhumba believes that he is funny and does not need people's opinions. He even went on to remind people of his good deeds that never gained enough attention for him to trend.

"In the past five years in the whole country who bought disabled children more than 500 wheelchairs? I didn't trend for that but now I trend that my jokes are not funny?"

The comedian believes that there are many things in this country that need the same energy people are putting in to bashing him.

After all Twitter is just a "small" community of people not the entire country, hence the inattention Skhumba is giving them (trolls).

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Picture credit: instagram/skhumba_official