Sofaslahlane highlights: Man wants to marry his wife's younger sister

Jesus take the wheel.

By  | Jul 07, 2018, 04:49 PM


This show never seizes to amaze us and it also shows that as a people we all really just live different lives.

On Thursday night's episode of Sofaslahlane we got introduced to an elderly man who revealed that he was interested in marrying his wife's younger sister.


The man explained that the younger sister was very instrumental in helping out with the family business thus his decision to have her hand in marriage was a decision influenced by his work. 

Uhm, ok.

As expected, viewers were up in arms about this especially the female viewers who did not understand why the man had to take the younger sister as a second wife.

Here are some of the best responses.

This comment is true, the younger sister can easily become a part of the family business without having to marry the man.

One viewer shared that this particular story did not shock her as she's had such an ordeal happen in her family as well.

And of course the men begged to differ about this entire situation.

What are your thoughts about this man's decision?

Main Image Credit: Twitter