Somizi threatens to take student to court

Somizi threatens to take student to court

Jun 06, 2018, 06:34 AM

Somizi comes for Ntsiki Mazwai - "they must call her Ntsila Mazwai"

Somizi Mhlongo might be a comical, animated personality, but when it comes to racism, he has no time to play. 

The choreographer-turned-media-personality took to social media recently exposing a student who allegedly called him the K-word. In the post, Somizi pleaded with his fans to help him find the woman, threatening to open a case against her.

Somizi Mhlongo's Instagram post

To our surprise, the student responded to his post, claiming that her account had been hacked, "this is my account that was hacked. I did not post this tweet and would never make such a remark. I take no responsibly for the view that was expressed in that tweet and sincerely apologize for the horrific message that was sent out,"

Somizi Mhlongo's instagram post

According to Network24, following this incident, the student is now under sedation, however, Somizi has since said that  he wanted to "teach them a lesson one person at a time,"

Somizi Mhlongo

Her friend also took to social media to express her distaste for the situation saying that Somizi had ruined Lia's future by exposing her.

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