Sophie Ndaba on having Mfundi Vundla as a mentor

It's all in the past and they're moving forward.

By  | Feb 21, 2018, 05:05 AM

Sophie Ndaba

Its been nearly three years since that Generation's dispute between its Executive Producer - Mfundi Vundla and its former sixteen cast members.  

One of its actors, Sophie Ndaba, has learned a lot since being fired from the show. Three years later she has not only moved on since the dispute but has also learned a lot from her mentor - Mfundi.

The businesswoman has revealed that she is in a good space now as her career off camera is thriving more than ever. 

In a recent interview on Trending SA, Sophie shared that she had always seen Mfundi as a father figure and that even though he was wrong, she has since learned from him a lot

“I’ve always seen Mfundi as a father figure, and I believe in honesty. When I felt he was wrong, I told him he was wrong, and I felt that it was time, not to necessarily make peace but to say, let’s get on with it. I mean why am I moving ten steps back when I should be moving ten steps forward, so I moved ten steps forward."

Sophie went on to add that she felt that Mfundi Vundla was the perfect mentor for her to help jump-start her career in producing.

"The SABC said if we want to move on to the next level we must choose our mentors and I thought he was absolutely perfect, I mean he [Mfundi Vundla] came up with one of the biggest soapies in Africa, why not."

Sophie is now enjoying the fruits of her lucrative business ventures and says that she stepped off from being on camera to being behind the scenes, to manage her projects in business. 

“I stepped off because I wanted to grow my business, I wanted to add to my business. I do property now; I do decor, I do project management and those projects, I do events, I do international events, I do concerts."

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