Sophie Ndaba is working on her reality show

If you've ever wanted to see more of former generations actress Sophie Ndaba, you're in luck.

By  | Nov 16, 2017, 02:58 AM

Sophie Ndaba

Sophia Ndaba has been everyone's favourite when it came to her role as Queen Moroka on Generations and life has only been looking up for her ever since she left the soapie as she is now set to have her own reality show.

In a recent interview with ThisaLive the actress revealed that she was working on a reality show which she hopes will air in 2018 as she has been in negotiants with various local broadcasters to air her the reality show which she says "isn't going to be like Being Bonang or somizi's reality show" and is written and co-produced by her.

"It is going to be very different. It isn't going to be like Being Bonang or Somizi's show. It won't be all about my life, but it is still very me and I have no doubt my fans will love it....Now, all we need is for it to find a suitable home," she said.

Aside from her reality show Sophie has also been producing a drama series where she plays lead, this one is also still being pitched to stations. 

"I don't mind waiting for as long as it takes to see them come alive," she said.

The actress who started her own events company also said that her business has been flourishing and is set to host various other events this season.

"My events company is doing very well. We will be hosting a number of events in the next few months, including the Metro FM Heatwave."

There is more to be expected from Sophie as it seems that at this point she is not only a thriving actress and an events manager but also a bubbling fountain of ideas that are set to blow your mind.