Spot the Date My Family contestant in these ads

Hmm it may seem like these Date My Family contestants are actually part of the entertainment industry.

By  | Mar 02, 2017, 12:34 PM

Spot the DMF contestant in these ads

We've been seeing a few of the past Date My Family contestants on TV, mostly in adverts but after seeing the third contestant (that we know of), we're starting think this can't just be a conincedence. 

Imagine our shock, which was quickly followed by laughter when we recognized Nathi (you know) this guy... 

Spot the DMF contestant on these ads

... in the Dial Direct advert. Whether you watch TV or YouTube videos, you're bound to have come across that ad where the tourists go to a restaurant on Vilakazi Street in Soweto and order a smiley and some walkie talkies, not knowing that what they're getting is sheep's head and some chicken feet. 

Well, the waiter that brings them the ambiguous meal is none other than Nathi. We'd recognize that dental formula anywhere! 

Next we have Asanda who, ironically enough, is carrying a skaftin in her ad. 

Spot the DMF contestant in these ads

Even if you don't remember her, you will remember the man she ended up choosing as he couldn't find inner peace until she brought back the skaftin that his friends sent her home with after the date.


And then there is Themba who's name we couldn't remember until this awesome Tweep put us on game. Shout out to Mpho!

Spot the DMF contestant in these ads

He was in a McDonalds ad alongside Natasha Tahane, just check out this throwback picture. 

Have you guys seen anymore DMF contestants on TV? Whether it's in an ad TV show or music video? Let us know. 

Main image credit: YouTube