Starring! Thank you Queen Harriet for getting rid of Kamina

All hail to the Queen..

By  | Nov 20, 2018, 02:41 PM

Starring! Thank you Harriet for getting rid of Kamina

She's finally gotten rid of that witch called Kamina. If you haven't been watching Mzansi Magic's The Queen for the past couple of weeks, once again, you have robbed yourself of some riveting entertainment.

Out of all the characters that have been on The Queen, we don't think we've disliked any of them as much as Kamina. Her 'I am always innocent' persona has driven us up the wall for far too long. So, her demise could not have come at a better time.

Harriet, played by actress, Connie Ferguson, has shown us once again why she's the queen of this castle.

From the get-go, Harriet did not vibe with Kamina and although she tried, her intuition just could not get rid of the fact that her son's soon-to-be wife was bad news ever since she came into their lives.

So, if you didn't watch the show on Monday evening, you're probably wondering why everyone was so excited about Harriet killing Kamina, right?

Well, apart from the fact that Harriet was able to sneak in one bullet into Kamina's abdomen - while Kamina had been pointing a gun at her - Harriet, without flinching and without any remorse shot Kamina again whilst her visibly shocked soon-to-be husband  Kagiso held her.

What was funny is that even though Kamina had been shot and bleeding to death, she was still lying to Kagiso, but Harriet was having none of that. So, in an unexpected moment of drama and action, Harriet stood up and bust a second cap in her butt before Kamina could spread any more lies. This was the last scene that had everyone jumping up and down from the comfort of their living rooms.

People have since been rejoicing on social media, and we can't help but join them in the celebrations.


Now the only person who is now going to irritate us is Kagiso; his naive self will probably not believe Harriet when she tells him that Kamina was not as innocent as he thought she was.

But anyway, good riddance! Kamina, you won't be missed!

Wedding Kamina

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