Tbo Touch gives away 12 000 school bags

He’s in the spirit of giving.

By  | Nov 28, 2017, 01:11 PM

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The school holidays maybe around the corner but Tbo Touch is still making kid’s experience at school even more enjoyable.

The radio personality and entrepreneur recently visited 5 schools in Diepsloot and gave away 12,000 school bags filled with stationary and toys for the kids.

Although schools are about to close in the next week, this did not stop Tbo Touch and his Touch HD team from doing what needs to be done.

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And of course, he had to bring on board the Touch HD team to help him out.

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Maybe this is why Tbo Touch continues to be blessed because he stays giving and even though some may not agree with some of the entrepreneurial advice he gives to people, we can't deny that the man continues to be a blessing to those who need it the most.


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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@iamtbotouch