Thami Mngqolo working on a new movie & not being on iGazi season 2

Thami Mngqolo working on a new movie & not being on iGazi season 2

Feb 09, 2017, 02:13 PM

Thami Mngqolo on his acting roles

He may have many roles under his belt but to us, he will always be Senzo from Generations. Thami Mngqolo is showing no sign of slowing down in acting and definitely no room for mediocre with the roles he plays.

Between shooting a movie, mastering his tv roles and his new production company former Generations star Thami Mngqolo took some time off to talk to us about his career as an actor.

Thami had a quick chat with ZAlebs and gave us a quick synopsis of his upbringing and how acting came about.

'I was born in 1982, I have two older sisters, and a younger brother. I grew up in Kimberley and I  matriculated in the year 2000. Acting developed over time. Growing up my grandmother used to be very active in the church and she would put me in church plays, I think my acting started there.'

'At first, I wanted to be a doctor and then more realistically I developed in wanting to be in engineering. In grade 11 I applied for Law at Wits, the first option was for Drama. I kind of tricked my parents and luckily for me, the Drama Department decided to answer me first. When the Department at Wits answered me first I had to jump for that.'

The former Generations star explained how he masters his acting roles.

'It's important to make a clear line of definition between characters. I put a lot of thought into what and who the character is. My biggest role so far just in terms of style and longevity in a role was Senzo in Generations, It was so far out of my comfort zone. As I moved on I have played so many characters. When you play the role of a straight person there is only so many variations of black men that you can play so it becomes so much more about the story. It is the little things that matter in a character, little things like confidence, how the character you are playing walks and how they approach people.'

Even though Thami did justice in Igazi with his role of Jonga, he will not be part of season 2 of the series.

'I'm at that confused stage where I still audition and get called for a role. I had to audition for the role of David on Saint and Sinners and in some roles, I have been lucky enough to know the producers directly and they came up straight to me and they said they want me to play this character like the role of Jonga in Igazi.  But unfortunately, because of logistical issues going forward, I will not be in Igazi Season 2.'

Thami Mngqolo speaks on his acting roles

Thami plays the character of David, a teacher in Saints and Sinners with brilliant young actors such as Makgotso M and Thuso Mbedu who play as his students.

'The character I play in Saints and Sinners, David is a slightly more complex guy. It is a  very basic straight up character, you can find the character in other productions. There is nothing shocking or outstanding about him but David will get himself into a bit of trouble with one of his students.'

Thami Mngqolo speaks on his acting role

Thami is currently shooting a new movie alongside Rhythm City actor Suffocate played by Mduduzi Mabaso.

'There is a lot happening in my career at the moment. I have started a production company with some colleagues we have branched into sports presenting, sports talk and telling our own stories through dramas. I am also busy shooting a movie called State Enemy Number 1.'

Thami on his acting roles

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