#ZAlebsStyle - The R6000 China bag

When fashion takes something we grew up with and throws a $500 price tag on it 

By  | Feb 26, 2018, 12:12 AM

#ZAlebsStyle - The R6000 China bag

A 2017 picture of American actress, Keke Palmer, rocking the classic China bag as an accessory recently started doing the rounds on social media again, asking people if they would dare buy the expensive version of a product we all grew up with and can find in town for a fraction of the retail price. 

It is worth noting however, that it has been wrongly stated that the bag Keke is carrying is a $900 Louis Vuitton bag.

keke palmer china bag

It has also been referred to as one of Balenciaga's 'Ghana Must-Go' bags, as seen in their Fall/Winter 2016 range but it turns out that she is just carrying a regular China bag. 

The Louis Vuitton bag people are thinking of was sent down the runway in 2007 and has a slightly different design, albeit the same checked print, and a price tag of $595 (which, at the current exchange rate is R6877.82).

This is not the first or last instance of major European fashion brands appropriating the aesthetic of cheaper items and designs which are particularly popular in Africa and slapping a huge price tag on them. 

Take the Basotho Seanamarena blanket for instance. Before being used as part of the costumes in Marvel's Black Panther, Louis Vuitton was selling them for a whopping R33,000.00. And the brand is a repeat offender as they were sued back in 2012 by the Maasai people of Kenya and Tanzania after showcasing a 2012 spring/summer men’s collection which included hats, shirts and scarves inspired by the Maasai Shuka – a traditional African blanket cast in colourful shades of red and blue. 

balenciaga must go bag

So don't look down on things that are readily available to you, they might just pop in the future and become trendy. And we don't know about you guys but there is no way we're forking out R6000 for something that grannies can borrow us for free.