The royal baby is born!

By  | Jul 23, 2013, 11:50 PM

Weeks and months of speculation finally came to an end yesterday as it was officially announced that the Royal Baby had been born, much to the joy of anxious watchers world wide. Kate Middleton gave birth to a healthy, (And we're going to assume happy!) baby boy at 4:29pm UK time, and Buckingham Palace officially announced the birth of the young prince, who is 3rd in line  to the throne. 

It was a joyous moment that many in England and indeed around the world will remember fondly. Prince William, the Royal Baby's father went on record to say, "We could not be happier!" Perhaps he was a little speechless, or tired of being hounded by the media at that point, but his statement to the media was brief. 

Congratulations towards Kate and Prince William have been pouring in from around the world as everybody from President Barack Obama, to celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Cheryl Cole and even South African retail giants, Pick n Pay! 

But there can be no dispute that the "Best Royal Baby Tweet" Award should go to BMW for this absolute Gem below: 


The Royal Doctor (Yes, the baby was born into the hands of ROYAL Doctor) declared that the new prince was a, "Wonderful baby. Beautiful baby" in his own statement to the public. 

Now the REAL excitement begins as people speculate and guess what the baby boy will be named. Team Zalebs has changed their earlier prediction and we now think the baby boy will be named Severus. Harry Potter fans will understand why. 

On a rather amusing note, this BBC journalist really struggled to contain his emotions on camera, and is fast becoming a hit on YouTube. If only his emotions were positive (Oh Dear!) He appears to be bored with proceedings and seemingly can't wait until it's all over. Let's hope he doesn't get into trouble for this! 


In this second video he shares some unsavory text messages, almost as if he's saying "I Agree with you folk!" Tut Tut good sir, that won't do!

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