#TheQueenMzansi - Twitter reacts to Brutus discovering that his son is gay

Find out why Brutus' character is now associated with the hulk

By  | May 15, 2018, 02:21 PM

Themba Ndaba

The Queen is one of South Africa's most loved shows and Brutus is one character that has kept viewers captivated, on last night's episode, the show addressed homosexuality in black homes and many viewers were impressed with how good it was. 

If you’ve been following the storyline, you’d know that Bheki has been hiding his sexuality from his father, Brutus, on Friday nights episode, Brutus discovered that his son is gay and his reaction evoked a lot of emotions, watch the video below:

Just as many tweeps went on to express how disgusted they were to see Brutus as a homophobe...

Some found humor in the insert and pulled out archives of Brutus - played by Themba Ndaba - playing a gay man.

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