Thishiwe & Mandisa Take Their Romance To The Next Level?

Thishiwe & Mandisa Take Their Romance To The Next Level?

Feb 01, 2019, 10:23 AM

Thishiwe Ziqubu and Mandisa Nduna are one of our favourite celebrity couples. The pair have been together for a while and over the years, their relationship has been an inspiration for people in the LGBT community.

Taking to Instagram, Thishiwe gushed about her partner and the love they have for one another:

"I never thought a Human like You was possible. Your Love is infinite. You gave me strength through this Journey. You held it down throughout Our most trying time. You gave so much of yourself to Us, to IDlozi Lami. IDlozi likubonile futhi lizokuqhakazisa ngezenzo zakho," she wrote in part. Take a look at the heartfelt message below:

Instagram embed

The couple has always been open about their love and it is inspiring to see in a country as homophobic as South Africa. In an interview on WTF with Tumi, the partners opened up about not feeling the pressure to come out and explain their relationship to those close to them.

"It wasn't a conscious decision to come out because if we were a heterosexual couple, we wouldn't have to do that. When Cassper and Boity were together, they didn't have to sit everybody down and say; 'this is who we are. We chose to be together because of a, b and c. I am all about expressing my relationships so it was a natural thing to post selfies together," Mandisa explained.


In the same interview, Tshishiwe spoke about how she feels when her partner who is also an actress has kissing scenes with other people.

"I personally don't feel anything about it because it's about work, It's not me kissing so and so. Because I'm also a director I've also had to direct her in a gay role with another woman, so I would want her to go all the way in so that her character can be truthful."

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