TK Flirts With Jessica Nkosi

TK Flirts With Jessica Nkosi

Mar 07, 2019, 12:32 PM

TK Dlamini and Jessica Nkosi shocked many South Africans when they announced that they were expecting their first baby a couple of months ago. Up until that point, the pair had kept their romance under wraps and the news of their romance came as a shock.

Since welcoming their first baby, the pair have been slowly letting us into their private life. A couple of months ago, Jessica thanked TK with a sweet message  after welcoming their baby, "Thank you for Nami," she wrote on her Instagram stories.


This past weekend, TK put out a picture of Jessica with a caption about wanting to meet her. 

  • "Who’s this? Someone please tag her for me... I’d like to meet her one day," he jokingly wrote. Take a look at the cute message below:

  • Instagram embed

This is not the first time TK has publicly honoured his baby mama, on her birthday, The River actor took to his Instagram to share a video wishing her well.

Instagram embed

We are totally into their love affair.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@tk_dee

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Katlego Molubi

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