The 5 Emtee Twitter responses that made us cringe

Emtee shows that he can take the heat when it comes to social media bullies.

By  | Feb 22, 2017, 05:03 AM


Since the drama unfolded between Ambitiouz Entertainment and its former artists (Fifi Cooper, BenchMarq and A-Reece) the one artist who has been receiving a lot of flack for this break-up is Emtee.

Emtee, who is still very much a part of the label received a whole lot of backlash on social media for not supporting his former label mates.

The backlash began over the past weekend when the likes of PJ from BenchMarq and A-Reece expressed their disappointment in Emtee for not supporting them in their exit from Ambitiouz

The bullying became even more intense on Wednesday when Fifi Cooper set the record straight about the financial status of all Ambitiouz artists. Fifi revealed that all were experiencing financial issues, including Emtee as well.

After that revelation all hell broke loose and unfortunately, Emtee was unfairly crucified for it on social media.

Emtee is not the one to mess with

However, Emtee did not take the backlash sitting down, Emtee has also been dishing his own tweets to those who have been targeting him online.

This tweet at the bottom was by far the most lethal one from his string of tweets. There was absolutely no coming back from this response.


Then there was this tweet...


Why Emtee, why!

Emtee chest pains

Let's be honest, Emtee has been consistent when it comes to his jiggy music, most of the singles he's released have been nothing but radio-worthy hits.



Emtee clap backs

And lastly at number five.


Do you think it's fair for Emtee to be dragged into the drama that is currently happening between Ambitiouz Entertainment and its former artists?

Image Credit: Instagram/Emtee