#Top5: Celebs With The Best Voices

They can talk for DAYS!

By  | May 24, 2019, 03:50 PM

There are quite a number of physical but subtle traits that make a loyal fan fond of some of their favourite celebrities around the world. One obvious aspect is usually how beautiful or handsome the said celebrity is. But there is another trait that has many of us swooning over our favourite celebrities - their voices.

Listening to television or radio interviews by some of our celebrities serves as some kind of entertainment and luring towards them and their brand. A sultry and commanding voice can surely turn an ordinary or casual fan to a super fan. Whilst some are loved for other physical traits including, a smile, eyes or the shape of their bodies. Some, definitely have many of their fans wrapped around their finger through the sheer sound of their voices.

Below are just some of our beloved celebrities in South Africa that are most certainly giving us all sorts of feels as all they have to do is just speak.

1. Bonang Matheba:
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There's no denying just how commanding our Queen B's voice truly is. From radio to television, only a few would not be hypnotised by her deep but feminine voice. It came as no surprise when she lent her voice to the world of the airwaves on radio stations such as YFM and Metro FM. During her time on YFM, Bonang mentioned how a friend had called her in the morning and had to enquire if indeed he was speaking to her as he had mistaken her voice of that of a man.

2. Mampho Brescia:
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Besides her striking looks (and those lovely ears), Mampho Brescia's voice does the things hey. Coupling it with that unique accent of hers makes for great viewing on Mzansi Magic's hit soapie, Isibaya.  Upon zooming in on her usual preference of the English language,  one could easily assume that the Orlando East born actress can't speak a word of any vernacular language, but she actually can, as in a magazine  interview, Mampho revealed that her best friend and fellow actress, Terry Phetho was also helping her with grasping the nuances of the SeSotho language.

3. Zulu Mkhathini:
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Rapper and television presenter, Zulu Mkhathini has a lot going for him, that includes his musical talents, television presenting skills/good gigs, a killer fashion sense and of course... THAT voice. Listening to his verses on the songs that he did with his former hip hop group, Dreamteam, one was usually stuck between listening to his rhymes and that husky but masculine voice of his. His radio and television interviews usually create some form of anticipation from his fans as they certainly can not wait to have their hearing senses tantalised.

4. Warren Masemola:
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Warren's deep and velvety voice is another trait that definitely stands out about this acting maverick. He already has many of us hooked with his acting abilities, but his voice is a subtle reason why we enjoy his performances on our television screens.

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5. Boity:
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Boity Thulo is another local celebrity that generally has "THAT thing"- and her husky and slightly squicky voice is one of it. Even the late Akhumzi Jezile once made mention regarding the unique texture of Boity's voice. Thanks to her music career, some of us will no longer have to wait for radio and television interviews, we'll just play her songs to get a dose of that voice.

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Main Image Credit; Instagram/@warrenmasemola