Tweeps not interested in Euphonik's Black Friday advice

Sometimes when you're just trying to drop knowledge on Twitter, it doesn't exactly get received well.

By  | Nov 21, 2017, 10:21 PM


And that's what Euphonik was attempting to do after he highlighted the importance of not falling into the trap of Black Friday which is said to take place on Friday - 24 November 2017

Euphonik was encouraging people to focus their finances on either investing or producing instead of just being consumers especially with Black Friday looming around the corner.

Black Friday 3

Although Euphonik's advice was quite sound and made sense, some tweeps were just not trying to hear Euphonik out.

Yep, people were really not trying to understand where Euphonik was coming from.

People just want to escape and forget their problems.

Then it somewhat got deep when people made not buying his music an option.

Thankfully his advice did not fall on deaf ears.

What's your take on Euphonik's tweet?

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Euphonik