An update on Tbo Touch's plans to go into TV

It's coming as early as October 

By  | Jul 19, 2018, 12:03 PM

An update on  Tbo Touch's plans to go into TV

It feels as though it was just yesterday when Thabo 'Tbo Touch' Molefe shared his plans to venture from radio into TV and now, over a year later, he is one step closer to making his media mogul dreams a reality. 

He reiterated his plans when it was announced that DSTV may be ending its contract with ANN7 (now Afro Worldview) stating that he was in the mood to fill the gap that may be left by the news channel. 

After asking for Twitter users to help him come up with a name for the TV channel, he decided on THD which will be an expansion of his existing online radio station, Touch HD. 

Instead of launching a news channel as initially planned, however, he has decided to launch THD as an on-demand video service which he wants to see compete with services like Naspers’ Showmax , Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and DEOD.

Tbo Touch confirmed to online publication, TechCentral, that he had secured millions of rand in seed investment from the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) for THD. 

With THD, he and his team plan to produce local documentaries, TV series and films and offer movies and series from Hollywood and become a competitor for DSTV as they plan to offer customers both choice and quality. 

"I have met numerous content creators – we have added 18 videographers and directors in partnership with the IDC. They have pumped good money into the business to accommodate our innovative plans for the next 24 months,” explained Tbo Touch.

As it stands, he plans to launch THD in October of this year (2018).

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