#UthandoNesthembu: Musa's sulking exit was hilarious

#UthandoNesthembu: Musa's sulking exit was hilarious

Apr 06, 2018, 01:39 AM

Musa Mseleku

The Mseleku wives stood firm in their disapproval as each wife explained why a fifth wife would not be welcomed into the Mseleku household.

Even MaKhumalo, who usually abides to her husband's requests stood her ground and made it clear that no fifth wife would be welcomed or enter the Mseleku household without her and the rest of the wives blessings.

The conversation began when Mseleku mentioned that he wants to "strengthen" his home by bringing on board another wife who will bear him sons as he feels the Mseleku household needs more sons to extend his legacy.

But the wives were just not hearing it.

Even MaNgwabe stood firm in her disapproval of this sudden interest of a fifth wife coming into the family. MaNgwabe even explained that it is not the female that determines the gender of the child but the man. 


MaYeni also came out of the woodworks with harsh yet true words for Mr. Mseleku as she vehemently insisted that a fifth wife cannot come into the family. 

MaYeni explained that when the other two wives entered the family there was a lot of unrest and unhappiness she experienced which lead to the family not getting along for a while, and she does not want to go through that again with another wife being introduced into the picture.

Our favourtie comments from MaYeni was when she said that even if the fifth wife bears Musa a hundred sons she will not welcome her or when she asked him if he is retrenching people considering that he's now running a production factory.


We don't even need to explain what MaCele said, the first wife wasn't having it from the get-go.

Yep, this was Musa before and after the meeting.

And the way he just walked out the room after realising he was not going to win this argument was just priceless.

You would think the viewers were going to feel sorry for him, but nope!

Unfortunately, that was the last episode of this season. Can't wait to see what the reality show will have in store for us in its third season.

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@MzansiMagic

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Zee Dladla

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