#UyangthandaNa: Mbuso & Zama were a perfect match

#UyangthandaNa: Mbuso & Zama were a perfect match

Mar 08, 2018, 07:13 AM

Mbuso and zama

For the past couple of episodes, we were not convinced that the new "couples" formed on the show would last more than a week let alone a month. It just seemed like people hooked up just for the sake of not embarrassing the pursuiter by turning down their love proposal.

Thankfully, Thursday night's episode of UyangthandaNa was not only different but it also made us believe in love once again.

The recent episode introduced us to a photographer by the name of Mbuso.

Mbuso has been head over heels for Zama ever since he laid his eyes on her a few years back.

The two had met at the mall after Mbuso offered to give Zama his trolley to use. After that brief moment of interaction, Mbuso was smitten over the mother of one. 

Mbuso had initially confessed his feelings towards Zama, but she declined his offer as she was still in the middle of fixing things with the father of her child & Mbuso at the time was also dealing with his own past relationship issues.

We actually thought Mbuso was going to hit the ground running after Zama made it clear that she was now looking for marriage with her next relationship.

But to our surprise, he was really determined to get her, so much so that he even offered Zama a promise ring. How cute?

Out of all the episodes that aired prior to this one, we can safely say that Mbuso and Zama were not only the perfect match but a couple that has made us believe in love again.

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Zee Dladla

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