#UyangthandaNa: Pretty got herself a man

#UyangthandaNa: Pretty got herself a man

May 17, 2017, 01:42 PM


Twenty-three-year-old Pretty, puckered up the courage to ask the man of her dreams if he loves her.

The past couple of episodes of Uyang'thanda Na? have been nothing but an entertaining disaster. 

Last week Rooi got dragged back into the friend-zone by Mpumi, the other two episodes we found out that Bakang and Akang were already engaged before getting on the show and to make matters worse Lindiwe was rejected by Valentine.

Sigh, at this point, our belief in love was at an all time low until Pretty and David came along.

The two have known each other for a while now and during the time they spent with each other, Pretty developed feelings for David.

Pretty could no longer ignore the fact that she was deeply in love with David which eventually led to her decision to call on Tats and the Uyang'thanda Na? crew for some help.

If there's one thing we loved about Pretty, it's her confidence. homegirl even wrote a poem for David. How sweet?

Uyangthanda-na -pretty-got-herself-a-man

These two just gelled from the beginning, David's face just lightened up as soon as he found out that it was actually Pretty who had called him onto the show.

Although David was shy and only said a few words you could see by his smile that he was relieved that Pretty made the first move.

Congrats to the happily ever after ending, maybe the next time we see them will be on OPW. No pressure guys.

We also can't wait for next weeks episode, but the looks of things, it seems like some girl is going to lose their boyfriend. Stina ke bozza.

Uyangthanda na

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Nonjabulo Mgabadeli

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