Video of the week: Mthokozosi's Idols SA thank you speech

Mthokozisi congratulated Paxton on her win, but he sure wasn't happy.

By  | Nov 24, 2017, 11:03 AM


Throughout the week, Mthokozisi was highlighted as a sore-loser after he was a no-show at the Idols SA press conference after Paxton was announced as the winner.

Since the incident, Mthokozisi has told the media that he is not a sore loser and that everything was just blown out of proportion. 

Mthokozisi later on Sunday night went on to post a video of him thanking everyone who voted and showed him support throughout the competition. 

In the video, he admits that he would've loved to win the competition but that Paxton had also worked just as hard to win and wished her all the best in her career but in the last 15-seconds of the video Mthokozisi just couldn't pretend anymore and his disappointment in not winning became more visible.

Eish, askies Mthoko but you do know that not winning Idols is not the end of your career right?

Get into that studio and show us what you're all about.

And whoever posted the video as is has no peace, why didn't they trim the last 15 seconds? 

Main Image Credit: Idols SA/Facebook