Vusi Nova: 'Apparently I had a panic attack'

Vusi Nova speaks on the importance of taking a break.

By  | Jan 23, 2019, 09:06 AM

The entertainment industry is quite demanding – from endless road trips, hours of studio time, press tours, late night shows to even squeezing in photoshoots in between. The bigger you are as an artist, the further you away move from having a personal life as the demand grows.

A question you will usually hear being asked to a lot of artists in a lot of interviews is: "How do you get to relax outside of the spotlight?"

As much as we might have all grown tired of hearing it, its relevance still stands, and Vusi Nova's recent tragic experience is yet another reminder of the importance of taking time to yourself.

The As'phelelanga hitmaker uploaded an image of himself in hospital, saying that he had apparently experienced a panic attack.


"Ended up in hospital yesterday because I just couldn’t breathe! Apparently I had a panic attack! This has made me realise that I need to have more me time and just calm down. To want to succeed and being driven is great, but all of that also comes with stress and anxiety. So now and again take some time off because all that won’t matter if u don’t take care of yourself. Still want to live," he wrote.

The award-winning singer thanked his fans for all their heartwarming messages of well wishes, and assured them that he had obeyed the doctors order to take some time off.

There have been quite a number of celebrities going in and out of the hospital due to exhaustion in the last few years, including AKA, Lalla Hirayama and L'vovo.

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