The war over Beyonce's birthday has begun

The war over Beyonce's birthday has begun

Sep 04, 2015, 06:33 AM

It’s a war that occurs almost every year on 4 September, Beyonce’s Beyhive crack their knuckles and get their Twitter fingers ready, for anyone who even dares to talk recklessly about their Queen Bey on her birthday.

We thought that this year was going to be a bit more peaceful, but it seems like the BeyDay War shall forever remain as one of those battles that will continuously repeat itself. 

Whilst the Beyhive has been buzzing with jubilation over this day, for some, the buzz has been nothing but an annoying sound.

However, the Beyhive is known to retaliate with some rather stinging remarks, so if you're thinking of hopping onto this BeyDay War, all we'd like to say is....R.I.P to your Twitter mentions.

Here are some of the hilarious beyhive responses we've seen thus far: 

Yes, it's her birthday but some people are not trying to hear it.

Goodness, even Comedy Central is celebrating!

Like we said, prepare to receive some really stinging remarks from the Beyhive. By the way, we don't think you're ugly.

The Beyhive doesn't give a F#$%

And the other side is still asking WHY people care about Beyonce's birthday?

We guess the only way the BeyDay War will ever end is if we all... click on picture.

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