We had no idea that this social media star is Khanyi Mbau's baby brother

The fact that we had no idea that Lasizwe is related to Khanyi Mbau proves that he made a name for himself on his own terms

By  | Jan 13, 2017, 02:54 AM

Social media star Lasizwe is Khanyi Mbau's baby brother

We've seen his videos pop up on our timelines occasionally and some of us now follow Thulasizwe Dambusa but we were quite surprised to find out, via Huffington Post SA, that he is Khanyi Mbau's baby brother. 

Dambusa is better known by his social media handle, Lasizwe, and has become highly popular for posting hilarious videos which he uses as a means to make commentary on the hot topics of the moment. 

His most famous video to date is the one he made late last year when the Doom Pastor was the talk of the town. 

How to deal with negative people 🚫 in your life 💨Tag your friends #siznation #sizwesvids #IwillDOOMyou

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Dambusa started posting his videos online after his efforts to break into the industry through traditional channels (auditions) were unsuccessful. 

His success wasn't just a stroke of luck either. He did some research into how popular vloggers (video bloggers) grew their fan base and applied the same methods on his own platforms. 

Lasizwe posts videos featuring one of the three alter-egos he created - named Dimima, Candy and Stacy - and according to The Times newspaper, he comments on current affairs, pop culture and "cultural and racial stereotypes" using these alter-egos.

Although Damusa credits Mbau as being very supportive, he doesn't want people to think he has relied on her to get where he is. 

He has had to overcome a lot, including being bullied for his sexuality in high school. But in traditional movie fashion, the bullied kid has come out on top. 

He has since been a part of Vuzu reality show, The Coalition...

and he has also been featured on MTV Base's 'Newish.'

It doesn't stop there, he was also invited to the 2016 MTV Africa Music Awards as a guest of MTV. 

Dambusa, aka Lasizwe, uBabes Wamaleyvels wangempela. Chesa!

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