'Yena A Ya Kwini?' meme man turned into a cartoon illustration

Bab' July has reached the pinnacle of social media fame.

By  | Nov 08, 2017, 10:02 AM


Nowadays it does not take much for you to become a meme. Make a video, or say something hilarious on social media and you're well on your way onto making it on the meme wall of fame. And having an illustration made of you is a bonus.

The latest meme that's been making its rounds on social media is that of July aka the " Yena A Ya Kwini?" man.

A video of July went viral a few weeks ago and the "Yena A Ya Kwini?" phrase he used on the video has been reposted so many times on social media that it even gained July a bit of popularity.

If you're still wondering why the meme has been trending for so many weeks here's the brief low-down for you.

According to a Huffington Post -  "A video of July complaining about a family member who is making false accusations about him and gossiping about him..." went viral and it is that specific phrase he mentions on the video that has gotten people in stitches. 

The phrase "Yena A Ya Kwini?"  is loosely translated to "Where was she going.... when she saw me doing the things she's accusing me of..?"

This image of July...

July red

...has now been changed into an illustration..it's quite hilarious considering that Mr July doesn't even own any social media accounts.


South Africans we love you!

The illustration was made by a gentleman who goes by the name of Jey Welearn Zitha.

Nice one dude!

Main Image Credit: Instagram