Young director wins big after telling Sho Madjozi's story

From working with Black Coffee to winning a Trace competition, Mnyanda is one to watch 

By  | Nov 21, 2017, 08:50 AM

Young director wins big after telling Sho Madjozi's story

Even though we had no idea international music channel trace was running a competition in which young film makers stood a chance to get their brig break, we're glad a young, black female took top honors after focusing on one of the hottest acts in the game right now; Sho Madjozi. 

If her name sounds familiar, that is because the University of Cape Town cinematography graduate and part-time musician once  tweeted a video of herself performing an original song called "Save you From Me" on campus. She later retweeted it on her birthday and asked Black Coffee how many retweets of her video she needed for him to consider working with her. 

Black Coffee was so moved by her talent that he didn't even give her a deadline, opting instead to respond with a simple "Let's do it." The DJ even went so far as to say he'd include the track on his next album. 

And now, Mnyanda has snagged yet another W after being crowned the last one standing in Trace's latest #TRACERoots competition. 

The winning video features a very proud Sho Madjozi speaking about her desire to incorporate her culture into her everyday life and as a result into mainstream culture as opposed to the spot it currently occupies in the periphery. 

MAdjozi then shared the video on her own Instagram, extending her congratulations to Mnyanda on the win. 

You can follow Mnyanda @YozaMnyanda on social media. 

Main image credit: by Abiel Wessie