ZAlebs cheer Jub Jub on his come back

The grass looks greener for Jub Jub

By  | Nov 08, 2017, 11:45 AM

Jub Jub

Life after prison has been looking up for rapper Jub Jub as he continues to prove to the fans that he's changed, contributing efforts to the community, speaking to children in school and still pushing music.

Jub Jub is most known for his hit single ndikhokhele which he released in 2013, and it seems the muso is back with another one - which also sounds like a gospel song - and celebrities are excited about his come back.

Musician Zahara shared her thoughts on the artist in a video that Jub Jub posted on his official Instagram account, saying that whatever happened in his past was a mistake and that she is glad to have the musician back in the industry.

Always lovely catching up with @zaharasa @club808 @bonokuhle_nkala #awesomegod #jubjub #212294345

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Mr Denial musician Donald also shared his excitement on his come back and speaks about his growing relationship with Jub Jub, 

"...even before you went in, you and I were actually just about to start a friendship thing." the musican said.

@donaldindenial @club808_ig @bonokuhle_nkala #awesomegod #jubjub #212294345

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