ZAlebs who love the snapchat filters

ZAlebs who love the snapchat filters

Sep 22, 2017, 07:18 PM


What's the one thing we all do when we're feeling really fly but we're just really bored? Yes you guessed it, we fiddle with our phones. Our phones have saved us from a lot of awkward conversations and some of our favorite thing to do with our phones is take selfies.

Professional photographs have filled our faves social media accounts. How refreshing is it to come across a normal everyday selfie of theirs that looks like the ones we take? Yes, their angles are probably better than ours but the selfies go to show that they get bored too. The best selfies though, are the ones from snapchat, those filtered images are just way too cute. We love them.

Let's take a look at some our fav ZAlebs who love filters just as much as we do.

Look at Candice Modiselle.


Gail Mabalane and her daughter Zoe Mabalane. They're kinda like Beyonce and Blue...

beyonce and blue ivy snapchat

Can't even recognize former Miss South Africa Liesl Laurie. Which one is she?


Look at Natasha Thahane, as funny as this may see, it's also a little scary...

Ndine'worry guyzin 😥

A post shared by Natasha Thahane (@natasha_thahane) on

Can you even recognise this ZAleb?

Ntando Duma

Sbahle is only a few months old but she's already killing at this snapchat thing. What did we expect Ntando Duma is her mother after all. How adorable is this?! Aaawww!

Inja Yam❤️😂😍 @sbahlemzizi Besfriend💕💕✨

A post shared by Ms Ntando Fleekiswa Duma (@dumantando) on

Even legendary Connie Ferguson loves herself some snapchat, she goes all in when she's playing around with it.


Sbahle Mpisane the gym gym bunnie loves her floral filter.


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