ZAlebs who rock short hair

ZAlebs who rock short hair

Jun 15, 2018, 10:17 AM

Most ZAlebs have to cut off their hair at some point in their careers, but while some quickly grow it out or wear extensions, others fully embrace the natural look. 

Over the past few years, most celebrities have chopped off their hair opting for cool, hassle-free haircuts. Take a look at some of the stars who rock this trend. 

Loot Love 
Ever since she came into the scene, Loot Love's hair has always been short. 

Nandi Madida 
Nandi is without a doubt one of the pioneers of this trend.

Makgotso M 
The actress recently chopped off her hair.

Zola Nombona

We are totally digging Zolas's easy breezy hair. 

Linda Mtoba 
Linda looked super cute with short hair. 

Which short hair look do you like the most? Weigh in on our comments section.

Main image credit: by @city_desire

Written by

Katlego Molubi

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