#ZAlebsBeauty - How to ensure an oil-proof face beat

If your face is shiny by lunch time, this is for you

By  | Jul 04, 2018, 06:21 AM

How to ensure an oil-proof face beat

If you find yourself having to head to the bathroom multiple times a day to fight a shiny face with a tissue or blotting paper, then this "oil-proof, full coverage" make up tutorial by American YouTuber, Raye Boyce is just for you. 

Raye, who goes by the nickname 'Raye Raye', shared the steps she takes to make sure her face remains matte all day, despite the fact that she has oily skin. 

She begins by 'setting' her face with a moisturizing mist.

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Raye advises using this step to avoid the skin looking "dry and crusty" underneath all the products and to prevent it from trying to combat the dry feeling by producing more oil. 

She substitutes this step for using primers as she doesn't believe in them but if they work for you and that's your thing, it would be advisable to add a layer of primer after you have allowed the mist to naturally soak into your skin. 

Next, she applies loose, translucent powder to her face on the areas that produce the most oil and leaves it to bake for a few minutes. You can use baby powder for this step but be careful not to apply too much as it can leave you looking like a ghost if it is not blended properly. 

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After the powder has set, blend it in to your face with a powder brush until it no longer shows on your face and then proceed to apply the foundation of your choice using a sponge.

The next step would be to apply concealer and Raye advises letting it sit for a while before blending it in and then immediately applying translucent powder over the concealer and again over the super oily spots of your face. 

While your face is baking (for about 10 minutes), this would be the time to apply your eyeshadow - if you wish. This step would then be followed by contouring and then adding blush and highlighter. 

Finish it all off with setting spray and you're good to go. 

Main image credit: instagram.com/itsmyrayeraye