Zee's rumour of the week: Thembisa Mdoda is engaged?

Zee's rumour of the week: Thembisa Mdoda is engaged?

Apr 28, 2017, 04:21 PM

Thembisa Mdoda 3

Dear entertainment Gods please let this rumour be true, there's nothing more we'd love to see than Thembisa Mdoda's very own wedding on OPW.

Yes I know, that's a lot of wishful thinking coming from us but it's only right that we see Thembisa's supposed future wedding on our favourite television show of the week, OPW.

As you're well aware, we've become serial stal...sorry, I mean serial scrollers on social media, how else do you think we came to find out about Connie Ferguson's grandson being the son of Austin Mr "Credit The Photographer Malema"?

Anyway, back to the rumour at hand.

Since Thembisa Mdoda will be taking a much-needed break from her duties as the official host of Our Perfect Wedding, we realised that not only will we miss her great presenting skills but her gorgeous outfits as well.

That's why we decided to reminisce on all the social media posts of people appreciating her gorgeous outfits.

But in some of these pictures, there was just something glistening and blinding to the eye that made us squint a bit harder and zoom into her outfits, well, more like zoom into her finger.

Is that an engagement ring we see?


Wait, take a second look.


How about a third closer look? 

Thembisa Mdoda

Hmm...Thembisa you've got us very curious right now, siya tshatisa na?

Oh, and speaking of last weeks rumour about Quantico getting canceled, thankfully, that rumour was completely false.

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@Tembisa

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Zee Dladla

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